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Kanban in Highly Regulated Environments

Facilitator: Colleen Johnson (CEO ProKanban)

Venue: Virtual (Zoom)

Date: March 22, 2022

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What is Kanban ?

What Kanban is really about is a 4-letter f-word: FLOW. It is the flow that ensures that we are able to deliver value continuously to our customers. It is the observation of problems in flow that help us retrospect and improve the process. It is the active management of flow that ensures that the system does not break down, and if it does break, we learn how to recover. Kanban can be used to expose the flow (or lack thereof) of work at any level of the organization. The simplest examples being people using personal

Kanban to reduce their WIP and increase both focus and flow. The most complex examples are large companies managing their entire portfolio of products on a single board. Read More